Not got the ingredients you need?

 You might be able to replace them with something else. Have a look…

g = grams
tsp = teaspoon
tbsp = tablespoon

Ingredient Amount Substitution
Plain flour, baking soda, salt 128g/1 cup 128g self-raising flour. Emit the baking soda and salt.
 Self-raising flour 128g/1 cup 112g plain flour AND  1½ tsp baking powder and  ½ tsp of salt
Vanilla extract 1 tsp 1sp Vanilla flavouring
Chocolate chips Bar of chocolate cut into little chunks
Egg 1 whole 2½ tbsp of powdered egg substitute WITH 2½ tbsp water
OR half a banana mashed WITH  ½ tsp baking powder
Caster sugar 200g 200g brown sugar OR

255g honey

Lemon zest 1tsp ½ teaspoon lemon extract OR 2 tbsp lemon juice
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