How to make a fondant spider

This easy-to-make fondant spider is perfect for decorating Halloween cakes, brownies or cupcakes. You’ll just need some black and red ready-to-roll fondant icing, a toothpick, edible glue and a small round piping nozzle. It will only take you 10 minutes to make and it’s a great way to get the kids involved.

I decorated my Millionaire’s Spiderweb Shortbread with the fondant spider and it really does take this Halloween bake to the next level!

fondant spider
fondant spider

What you will need

Red ready to roll fondant icing
Black ready to roll fondant icing
Edible glue
Small round piping nozzle
Greaseproof paper

How to make a fondant spider

Step 1 – Make the body

First, cover a work surface with a piece of greaseproof paper.
Take a 10p sized piece of black fondant and roll it into a ball using the palm of your hands.
Place it on greaseproof paper.

Step 2 – Make the head

Take a smaller piece of black fondant, roll into a ball and attach it to the body.

Step 3 – Roll the fangs

Take two small pieces of black fondant and roll each one into a small sausage shape.
Position one either side of the head.

Step 4 – Roll the legs

Take a piece of black fondant roughly the same size used for the head.
Using your palm and fingertips roll it into a long thin sausage.
Place it on the greaseproof paper and use the toothpick to gently make 2 indents on the leg. Repeat this for all 8 legs.
Attach 4 legs together, and the other 4 together.

Step 5 – Assemble the spider

Connect the legs together in the middle. Squeeze a little edible glue on top and attach the body.

Step 6 – Add the red spots

Take a small piece of red fondant and flatten it into a disc.
Use the round tip of the piping nozzle to stamp out 3 circles.
Using the edible glue, stick the red dots on the spider’s body.

Step 7 – Leave to dry

Leave the spider uncovered to dry and set.

Step 8 – Decorate

Gently peel the spider off the greaseproof paper and place it on top of your Halloween cake, cupcakes or traybake. I made the spider to decorate my Millionaire’s Spiderweb Shortbread.

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