My name is Jessica Marsden and I am a 26 year old baking fanatic!

Aside from those ‘simply add water’ fairy cakes you make as a child, 2012 saw my first ever attempt at home baking. My friend and I decided that we were going to tackle making a ginormous Rainbow Cake and it was going to be the most amazing cake. After what felt like an eternity later, here was the end result:







It was this exact cake that ignited my passion for baking and since then it has been a whirlwind of frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chips and brownies! Find the recipe for the rainbow cake here.

I started this blog back in March 2013 as a way of storing my recipes, however since then (thanks to my lovely readers and followers) I have been able to share my recipes and baking love with several magazines and online recipe blogs.

I try to upload a mix of traditional classics with a twist and showstopper bakes that are simple and easy enough so that anyone can recreate them. I love nothing more than seeing my readers use my recipes, so give me a follow on Instagram @jessiecakesdiary and send me pictures of your bakes. 

My all time favourite recipe is my Malteser Brownies, they are so simple yet every bite tastes like gooey, chocolatey heaven. If you only bake one thing from my blog, please let this be it. They should come with a warning though…you will want to eat them all!


Oh and one more thing, if you wondering who those adorable fluff balls are above then let me introduce you to Alfie & Freddie, my two beautiful doggies!

That’s all for now, enjoy having a look around my little space on the internet, if you have any questions, please leave me a comment as I am more than happy to help! Happy baking – Jess x

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Loved your e-mail! So happy you are enjoying your baking adventures and creating such yummy and attractive desserts!
    I posted your e-mail on my facebook page.
    Hope to see you in the Fall!
    Peggy and Peter

    1. Hi Fi,
      Thank you so so so much!! That is so kind of you and I’m happy you enjoy reading my posts (more to come this week) I will definitely be taking part in the Liebster Award competition. It’s such a good idea to get little blogs like mine out there.
      Looking forward to answering your questions!
      Love JessieCakes

      1. You’re welcome. Your blog deserves to get more views and more people need to try your inspired twists on some of those classic bakes. My favourite is still the Maltesers Brownie which I made for my son’s birthday party at SNAPPY so now I have all the staff and volunteers hooked too 😛

      2. Malteser Brownies are my favourite too! Such a hit with my friends and family. Sadly I’ve given up chocolate for my NY resolution…. absolute killer. Day 16 and i’m still dreaming of it!

  2. What a lovely blog…and I can vouch for Jess’ talents- my waistline is a testament to her skills. I have never in my life tasted such heaven as Jess’ Red Velvet cake. I consider my palate to be extremely experienced in such matters as it will soon have been around and tasting for 50 years! Ruth x x

    1. Oh Ruth you sweetie, so glad that you are able to look at my blog. More recipes up next week! Has Sam told you the news about Let’s Knit blog? xxx

    1. Abs! Hey sis, unfortunately I will not be making the cupcakes for the party, but I will whip up a little something for lucy’s party 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you, also no worries for you to bring your friends with you. Cant wait! x

    1. Hello Peggy & Peter! Lovely to hear from you both, i’m glad you are enjoying them! Happy baking x

  3. What a lovely about page, your enthusiasm shines through. I have blogged for a couple of years now, on and off, and baking started as a blog fuel… Definitely follow your desires, and it’s lovely to find a good new baking blog!

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