Nutella S’mores Cookie Sandwich

Fan of s’mores?

Is that a trick question!?
There is nothing not to love about the combination of chocolate and melted marshmallow that has been squished together between two crunchy biscuits – or this case soft baked cookies! Even better. This recipe is easier than you think, simply bake some cookies, grab a jar of Nutella, melt some fluffy marshmallows and create a whole pile of cookie sandwiches.*
Alfie (my enormous dog) decided to jump up and gobble down half of the cookies whilst they were cooling , this actually turned out to be a good thing because I would probably eaten all 10 sandwiches. They are DELICIOUS!

*be warned, this is a very messy job so prepare to be covered in sticky marshmallow and Nutella gooeyness. 

Nutella smore's cookie sandwhich


20 baked vanilla cookies, paired together (I used my ultimate cookie recipe and just emitted the chocolate chunks and rolled 20 smaller cookies instead of 12)
1 jar of Nutella
Approx. 26 Marshmallows, melted (simply place marshmallows in a glass bowl set over a pan of simmering water and stir continuously until melted)


Now the fun part, putting your s’mores together:

Start by first spreading Nutella on one half…


Dollop Marshmallow on the other…


And squidge together… perfection!


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