The Best Healthy Pancakes


Its Sunday! In other words..the day of rest, PJ’s and pancakes. So why not start your day with a guilt free, outrageously tasty breakfast? These pancakes are made using 4 ingredients; milk, cinnamon, baking powder & wholegrain spelt flour.

I’ve been intrigued by spelt flour recently. It is good for you? Why is it used in healthy recipes?
Well I can confirm that wholegrain spelt flour is most definitely a healthy alternative to plain white flour. It is a great source of vitamin B, easy to digest, avoids bloating and just one cup of wholegrain spelt contains 10g fibre and 16g protein!

How do I keep the stack warm whilst cooking them all?  is a very common question when it comes to a pancake stack. Well fear not, I have the answer! Keep your favourite pancake plate warm in the oven; on a low temp., and once you have cooked each pancake slide it onto the warm plate and pop it back in the oven. Pour, flip, plate, stack, oven. Simple.


I topped mine with 70% Green & Black’s dark chocolate, fresh strawberries and Greek yoghurt! Next time I’m going to try maple syrup, banana and chia seeds.


Ingredients (makes 4 small pancakes)

64g/½ cup Wholegrain Spelt flour (I use Doves Farm)
180ml/¾ cup Milk of choice (I used skimmed, but you could try Almond/soy)
½ tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking powder

Throw in any extras if you fancy it such as; cocao nibs, protein powder or flax seeds.

Additional Toppings:
Fruit (berries, banana, baked apple)
Chia seeds
Dark Chocolate
Greek yoghurt
Maple syrup
Chopped nuts


Turn the oven on to 50°C and put an oven proof plate onto one of the shelves in the oven.

Heat a frying pan up on a medium heat. Meanwhile mix together the dry ingredients then stir in the milk until fully combined.

Once the frying pan is hot spray with spray oil/use coconut oil to grease the pan and add a quarter of your pancake mix to it, spreading the mixture out into a circular shape using the back of a spoon.

As soon as bubbles start to appear (1-2 mins) on the top use a spatula to flip it over. Cook the other side for a further minute until both sides are browned.
Using a tea towel remove your plate from the oven, put your pancake on it* and put it back in the oven to keep warm. Repeat this until you have used up all of the mixture, stacking your pancakes as you go.

Now the fun part… go crazy with the toppings, grab a fork and eat away!

*If you are topping with dark chocolate a good tip is to sprinkle small chunks onto your pancakes before putting them back in the oven. This will give you melted chocolate layers in between the pancakes!

Nutritional Info (for 4 pancakes, no toppings)

218 Calories
1.4g Fat
0.2g Sat fats
41.3g Carbs
4.9g Fibre
6.9g Sugar
10.9g Protein






6 thoughts on “The Best Healthy Pancakes

    1. Yes I am. I get it from Holland & Barrett it’s about £3 for a big bag. But I’ve recently seen it in Tesco/Asda for £2 as it’s becoming more popular.

    1. Hi Emmy,
      I really like using Spelt it has a lovely nutty flavour which is great for pancakes.
      Let me know if you do use it 🙂

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