Rosewater & White Chocolate Macaroons… well sort of!

I recently went to visit my sister Lucy in Cheltenham for a weekend of watching films, eating, drinking tea, staying in your PJ’s and of course BAKING! Apart from all the cutsie bits and bobs in Lucy’s kitchen, such as a million baking tins, adorable measuring cups and cookbook after cookbook there is one thing that stands out… a bright red Kitchen Aid! Now, if you’re not sure what a Kitchen Aid is then you need to Google this bad boy piece of equipment because they are amazing and one day I will own one… hopefully! If you have a Kitchen Aid what better thing to make than meringue? Or what we attempted… Macaroons. I say attempted because they didn’t turn out as we thought they would, we pictured those perfectically round equal in size macaroons that sit in Selfridges, stare at you and whisper ‘eat me pleaseeeeeeeeee’.
Although they look absolutely ghastly they didn’t taste too bad at all! We might of over done it on the rosewater essence and may of forgot to colour the ganache centre but we definitely gave it our best shot. I thought I would share the photographs with you but not the recipe as it is clear I definitely need to work on my macaroon skills!







Apart from macaroon’s we also baked Honesty Healthy Coconut Bread, Christmas Tree Decorations and Fig & Cranberry Chutney. Click on the clicks to take you to the recipes.

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