Sunken Brownies uh oh!

Okay so last week I had this beaut little idea to make some brownie loaf’s with a surprise Terry’s Chocolate Orange segment inside. YUM! Chocolate Orange is amazing!
I finally get round to making them and all is going well until my oven timer goes off and I open the door thinking woooo brownies, look down and BOOM! There are these sad blocks of sunken chocolateyness. What on earth has happened here!? 
Now if I was going to pretend like I did this on purpose I would call this bake.. Spooky Halloween Graves and maybe make sugar paste skeletons and pop them inside. But as I have learnt over the years things do go wrong and even though it can be very annoying it definitely does teach you a few things.
So what caused this catastrophe? I did a bit of research and found out that brownies can sink for a few reasons:
  • The oven temperature is too high
  • The tray is too high in the oven
  • The mixture has been over mixed
However, I think the main culprit here is my little addition of the segments. I should have filled the tin up a tiny bit, put them segment in then added in the rest of the mixture. This would have allowed the brownies to rise around the segment, leaving it gooey in the middle. What I did was fill it all the way up then push a segment in at the top, this meant that when the brownies baked the mixture wasn’t thick enough to be able to stick together and rise; and so it sank! Another way to resolve this problem would have been to chop the segments up into smaller pieces and mix them into the brownie mix before transferring it to the tin.


My terrible effort to recover the sunken brownies! Needless to say they tasted bloomin’ good and were all eaten with no complaints… never judge a book by its cover and all that 🙂

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